Thoughts on Meal Planning From a Novice

| December 1, 2005 | 0 Comments
I’ve never done this before. I never thought I would do this before. I mean, how can you plan a week ahead for what you’ll want to eat on Wednesday? But truth be told, I think it’s going to positively effect our wallets and waistlines. It will also ensure that we don’t go through eight days of potatoes or the great rice month again. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

So, I am currently choosing main dishes and side dishes for next week. I am also considering which days I eat at home and for which meals. It’s time to cut out the excess and only buy the things we are really going to use.

How do you meal plan? Simply write out a menu for each day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you eat all those meals at home. Try to make certain elements work in different situations – carrot sticks with lunch, glazed carrots for a dinner side dish, carrot slices on a salad. This way you have less to buy and are more likely to use everything, rather than leaving rotting half-used veggies in your crisper drawer.

From that point, you simply assess the contents of your freezer and fridge and make a list of those things you need to buy. Don’t forget a few drinks and snacks to round things out too.

I noticed last weekend while grocery shopping that a woman had a binder with recipes for the week in it, which she referred to every so often when choosing an item. Though cumbersome, this is a really good idea if you tend to be a bit forgetful when shopping like I am. If you know why you need that lemon, then you are more likely to get it.


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