Adventures in Bananas

| February 10, 2006 | 1 Comment

I like to try new things and drag along who ever I can get to join me. So it was no surprise a few weeks back when I saw red bananas on sale and bought them. I took them home (with the rest of my groceries) brimming with excitement at the prospect of discovering this new fruit. Well, new to me at least.

The next day, I tried to peel the banana, finding the skin hard, the flesh harder. I took that to mean that it wasn’t ripe and placed it in an airtight Ziploc bag and inside a paper bag to ripen.

I waited a few days and pulled it out, ready to tear into the sweet mushy flesh. Sure enough, it was much softer so I proceeded to peel it and try a nibble. My husband had warned me that they are unusually sweet so I was ready, or so I thought.

My teeth sank in, sliding easily through the flesh and my mouth filled with intense dryness. There was no sweetness, no smooth taste. Instead, it stole all my saliva and left me stumbling for water.

Nonetheless, I thought, “Maybe it’s just me,” and pureed it with blueberries for my son. He took one bite and cried. And I totally understood what he was saying.

So ultimately, it was my two beagles – Snoopy and Scrappy – who ate the red banana-blueberry mush. And even they dashed for the water afterward, slopping through two bowls.

And they didn’t beg the next day. Gee I wonder why.

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  1. Virtual Frolic says:

    How interesting..looks like red bananas are used primarily for baking..perhaps a banana tart next time?

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