Iron-Rich Week

| April 21, 2006 | 0 Comments

Several years ago, I began having dizzy spells almost everyday. The culprit? An iron deficiency, not quite severe enough to be anemia, but bad enough to effect my daily life. At the time I was vegetarian. Although I had a diet that included iron-rich foods like beans and green leafy veggies, my body wasn’t absorbing the iron fast enough from those foods. As a result, and at the advice of a doctor, I decided to include meat in my diet again. It was a necessary evil because the body absorbs animal iron faster than plant iron.

Today I had another one of those spells again. I haven’t been getting enough iron lately, and need to up my intake through both plant and animal sources.

Hence iron-rich week.

I am going to be stocking up on great foods from this list today to help me with this and expect to be creating some exciting new recipes from my stock.

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