If you are looking for a chocolate fix . . .

| May 1, 2006 | 1 Comment

. . . you HAVE to check out Virtual Frolic’s blog. She’s a chocolate addict and has an array of scrumptious brownie and cookie recipes sure to get your choco-fix on.

See that cookie pictured above? It’s a mudslide cookie and it was AMAZING. Now I cannot take credit for the cookie or the photo, both are courtesy of Virtual Frolic.

I was the lucky recipient of a whole bag of these delicious delights last month and they went so fast that I barely had time to photograph them. All I have is this shot of three, displaying her masterful wrapping job. She wrapped each one individually in wax paper so there was no sticking together as sometimes happens with cookies. Brilliant! I would have never even considered that.

I know it’s coming a bit late, but I have to send out heartfelt thanks to Virtual Frolic for these yummy creations. They were soooooooooo good.

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  1. Virtual Frolic says:

    hehe, not a problem. Glad you liked them =)

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