Pesto Asiago Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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A while back there was a rush on cheese sandwich recipes in the wake of Pete Wells’ In the Belly of the Blog appeared in Food & Wine magazine, enraging food bloggers everywhere. Back then I was still new to blogging and didn’t join in on the fun.

But recently when I constructed a delicious cheese sandwich myself, I recalled the incident and felt it was time to post about it too, however late it comes. The cheese sandwich is an art, really. When a blogger posts about it, it’s usually a little more than two slices of Wonder slathered with butter and a slice of American in between. Great cheese sandwiches take advantage of the wealth of ingredients from pesto and cheeses to a variety of delicious breads. Some even include interesting vegetable combinations. They are well thought out, in most cases, painstakingly executed, and beautifully photographed.

If a cheese sandwich isn’t worthy of a blog post, then frankly I don’t know what it.

Pesto Asiago Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Serves 1

2 generous slices of good bread
Basil Mint Not Pesto
Sliced asiago cheese
2 slices tomato
roasted red peppers

Spray one side of each slice of bread lightly with cooking oil spray or lightly drizzle olive oil. You want the oil to coat fairly evenly every inch of the side.

On the unoiled side of one side, spread basil mint not pesto, or the pesto of your choice. Again, even coating is key here. And don’t make it too thick as it could overpower the rest of the sandwich.

Layer thin slices of asaigo cheese on top of the pesto. You can use as little or as much as you like, depending on your tastes. Top with tomato and red peppers and the other slice of bread (oil side up).

In a prewarmed skillet, heat the sandwich through, turning to evenly cook both sides.

Cut in half and arrange on a plate. If desired, you can garnish with a touch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper on top.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think the toasted cheese sandwich is actually one of the more perfect foods of this world.

  2. Sarah says:

    (and that one looks particularly delicious.)

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