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Virtual Frolic and I ventured to ChikaLicious Dessert Bar the other afternoon in search of something sweet and scrumptious. It was decidedly small, with only a handful of tables and some seats at the bar. The decor had a clean simplicity to it, which was nice.

We selected a table near the door and perused the brief but unusual menu. We had a three-course dessert for $12, but only got to choose the middle course. Everything else is decided by the restaurant.

It started off with a mint sorbet and rhubarb jelly. The sorbet tasted like fresh mint, just picked from your container garden. And despite the odd texture, the rhubarb jelly was a surprisingly good accompaniment.

Next came the courses we selected. I had ordered a Warm Chocolate Tart with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream and Red Wine Sauce. I was surprised by the ice cream – it exceeded my expectations but I found the wine sauce a bit awkward in terms of pairing. To me, the tastes just didn’t meld. Now, as for the warm chocolate tart, let me just say OH MY GOODNESS! It was fabulous. I loved every tiny bite of it and could have eaten more of that for sure.

Virtual Frolic had the Honey Parfait in Blackberry Soup with Tarragon and Lace Crisp, which she said was enjoyable too.

For the final course, we were given a plate of six petit fours – two each of three varieties. There was a soft and airy coconut marshmallow, a delicious chocolate truffle and one other, that I cannot recall the name of – it had a small cracker topped with a bit of some sort of soft cheese.

The Verdict? Well, we had great service and they continued to fill my water glass for a good time after we’d finished eating (always a good sign in my book). Also, they didn’t rush us at all, which was also a nice aspect.

My one complaint was the portion size. Everything is done on a minuscule basis, I assume since you receive such a variety of things, but it didn’t leave me entirely satisfied at the end. Increasing the portions a bit would definitely go a long way.

However, the imaginative and unique selections is worth going for just once.

203 E. 10th St.
New York, NY 10003
b/w First and Second Aves.

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