A day without food blogs

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Today is a day without food blogs. Food blogs all over are coming together today to halt our recipe giving, photo posting and general culinary talk to speak on an important issue and get the word out to readers like yourself.

Our internet is being threatened by the United States government, who are seeking to create an elitist system that would separate the internet into two: a high speed one for those who can pay big bucks for its use and a low speed one that will be reminiscent of old school dial-up from the 90s where everything goes very, very, very, very, very slowly.

This isn’t like paying for dial-up versus DSL. This is the government regulating how fast we can get to sites, or eliminating sites they don’t like altogether. It’s restricting free speech on the internet by ending Net Neutrality.

According to Food Blog S’cool, “But this new law, when passed, will change things completely. It will allow the Pipes to dole out different sites at different speed. It will even allow these Pipes to exclude sites or blogs that they don’t like out of their services altogether.”
For more information, check out Free Press, Blogher, this Yahoo! News article, this New York Times article, or this information on the Senate hearing.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Educate yourself on the issue at hand through the sites listed above or at Save the Internet.
  • Go to Moveon.org and sign the petition against this awful legislation.
  • Take some action against this by writing to your congressional representatives and senators.

Don’t let the government come between the people and a free internet.

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