A Shameful Display

| May 20, 2006 | 0 Comments

I happened to learn about Horseman of the Esophogus when checking in at the Hartford Courant yesterday and wrote up a brief entry about it for Paper Palate (EDITED TO ADD: The Paper Palate site no longer exists. 6/2/2011).

The whole idea of competitive eating eludes me. Why would you want to stuff your face like that? And furthermore, why would you want to do it in a timed competition in public? I just don’t get it.

To me, food is something to be savored. It’s something that is best served in beautiful formations (though I am indeed guilty of sometimes slopping it on a plate without concern for aesthetics). It’s a flavorful sensory experience that can take you back to your childhood or to that little Parisian cafe in one bite.

So to take the sweet and savory flavors, the sour and the sultry, the bland and the exquisite and twist the purpose into some shameless speed eating exercise is just a pitiful waste of good food.

With all due respect to Tim “Eater X” Janus and his fellow competitive eaters like Ed “Cookie” Jarvis and Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas, I think competitive eating is a disgusting event that goes against all the good principals of cooking and eating. It is shameful that people actually do this. On purpose. And garner some fame for it.

Certainly, I know that not everyone can be a competitive eater. But then not everyone would want to.

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