Two ta-das! in a week? Say it ain’t so!

| May 20, 2006 | 0 Comments

Last Friday, my friend Kim challenged me to create a broccoli salad recipe for her that met certain specifications. I set out to create something like a salad she’d had at a party some time ago. While I don’t know if this recipe is anything like that (and if it isn’t I certainly will try again, just for Kim), I do know that the resulting salad is amazing.

It’s a little sweet, a little tangy and it has this awesome kick to it. At first I was concerned about the large amount of it I made, fearing that I might not be able to eat it all myself. Well, fear not. I certainly will eat it all. And I am not sharing.

Now, on a slight side note, it really takes a special person to get me to use mayonnaise for anything. As a rule, I hate the stuff. But I made an exception this time and even tried it. Did I mention how worth it this was?

Apparently blogger thought this post was getting too long though, so I had to move the recipe to my recipes site. So the recipe for my broccoli slaw, pictured above, is here.

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