Garden of Eden

| June 2, 2006 | 0 Comments

Today we are starting the day with a few photos from my garden, which is completely planted now. I am feeling good about the progress so far and intend to post updates every so often through the summer.

My husband jokes that I have a brown thumb, but I’ve made great strides from last year and am actually paying attention to the progress of my plants this year (last year I couldn’t bear to waddle out to the garden).

Check it out so far.

My radishes, which were supposed to be very fast to be ready to harvest, got a slow start. However, I have found that they are now developing their telltale red bulb just below the surface. Thank goodness!

A row of sugar snap peas growing next to my trellis. I cannot wait to harvest the fresh pods.

A little Thyme plant in my garden. Hopefully it will thrive. I love thyme.

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