One hour, One day, One weekend.

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A bloggers group I recently joined called Work at Home Mom Bloggers posed an interesting question to members this week, “What do you do if you have an hour, day, or eek an entire weekend to yourself?”

There is so little time that I have to myself these days. There are days that begin at 6 a.m. and don’t stop until 11 p.m. without more than 20 spare minutes to myself. And there are too many days where I finish cooking dinner (and photographing it too) with only five minutes to get ready and leave for work (forget about eating!). It’s certainly not easy.

With an hour to myself, I shower and make myself beautiful, or sometimes I catch up on emails and message boards, do a little work or tend to the garden. I also do a lot of cooking when I have an hour free. That’s how many of my recipes came to life – one free hour.

With a day to myself, I typically will go to New York (the city) and meet friends or attend an alumnae event at my alma mater. My favorite thing to do with a day is attend a food related event where I either learn about the industry or about preparation techniques.

I cannot imagine what I would do with the luxury of a weekend. Perhaps I would do nothing but watch movies while sipping on some unsweetened iced tea. Or perhaps I would spend the entire time in the kitchen cooking for a month. Maybe, if finances allowed, I would take myself on a shopping trip to one of the nearby outlet villages. Or I could even have all my girls to my house for a weekend-long sleepover extravaganza. It’s such an enigma to me, that I cannot even begin to imagine at this point.

Whatever the case, there is a reason I chose to be a work at home mom. Through all the hecticness, all the difficulty with getting things done and the stress, I love being home with my son and the freedom that freelancing affords me. That’s why I do it.

And besides, if I didn’t Cucina Bella wouldn’t exist – I’d never have the time I do in the kitchen if I wasn’t working at home.

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  1. Frugal Work at home mom says:

    Thank you for participating in the weekly wahm network qotw How would you spend a free hour, day or weekend?

    Wahm reveal how they spend their free time

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