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I am on the hunt for fantastic, perfect, pretty frostings. So far I have tried two from my Betty Crocker Cookbook: chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream.

I really like the ganache, particularly with the bittersweet chocolate I used to create it. It wasn’t too sweet and just lightly coated the cupcake. I really appreciated how it complemented the moist chocolate cake and cream filling. Check here for a picture of that creation.

But I wanted more than just a ganache. I wanted a rich, melt-in-your-mouth, mmmm-ing buttercream. Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t quite do that for me. Sure, it came out pretty. And sure, it tasted okay. But it was too sweet for my tastes and too much like a grocery store sheet cake. As it turns out, buttercream usually involves some sort of eggs and there are a wide variety of versions like French and Danish.

Of course, my husband and son loved the one I made.

Nonetheless, I am not satisfied. I need a better buttercream and I will find it.

(Look for the recipes here tomorrow for both the ganache and the buttercream – I am too tired to transcribe right now).

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