Garden Tale: The crime

| June 13, 2006 | 3 Comments

These are the innocent victims, cut down in the prime of their lives. They were senselessly attacked under the cover of dusk and dawn by a party of bandits who until recently concealed their existence.

These are the victims friend’s, family and neighbors who are demanding justice for this horrific crime. They want the culprits sent far, far away so they never can cause pain in this place, the Garden, again.

But these victims are not alone. These wily bandits have been at work for sometime, wrecking havoc among the innocent and defenseless. Other victims have gone on to gain back some of their height and mobility and hope one day to be productive plants.

These sugar snap peas, for instance, were also victimized by this group. They are still in the beginning stages of rebuilding, but hope to be flowering plants in the near future.



CRIME: Garden mutilation

Contact Cucina Bella with any information.

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Sarah W. Caron is a freelance writer, editor and recipe developer. Her work has appeared in countless online and print publications including iVillage, BELLA NYC Magazine, Yum for Kids magazine and more. She lives in Connecticut with her two kids, two beagles and husband.

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  1. Virtual Frolic says:

    ugh, I hate groundhogs, they’re so annoying. They wreak such havoc! Well, hopefully the problem won’t become too bad!

  2. Sicilian says:

    I loved your story. . . . I have written about my critters. . .
    I feel your pain.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those groundhogs are pests. And criminals.
    I imagine you don’t want to have your two beagles try to scare them away. They could get hurt.

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