Grilled Herbed Carrots

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My son loves carrots. My husband likes carrots, and that’s high praise for a vegetable from him. And I really like them too. They are rich in beta-carotene and also contain alpha-carotene, both antioxidants that help ward off bad things for your body like eyesight loss and cancer.

It’s Tuesday, which happens to be the day of Sweetnicks’ ARF/5-A-Day weekly event where Cate challenges us to eat more fruits, veggies and anti-oxidant rich foods. Check her site later tonight for a roundup of great posts on the subject.

Grilled Herbed Carrots
serves 2-3

3 large carrots, peeled and chopped into 2-3 inch pieces
1 tbsp butter, chopped into about 8 pieces
1/2 tsp marjoram

Take a large rectangle of heavy duty aluminum foil and place the carrots in the center. Put the pieces of butter throughout. Sprinkle with marjoram, salt and pepper.

Now, fold the two longest ends of the aluminum foil together and roll down. Fold up the other two ends. (You are making a little package).

On a preheated grill, place the packet seam-side up. Let cook for roughly 15-20 minutes. Remove from grill and serve.

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