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| October 15, 2006 | 0 Comments

This is Scrappy.

He used to have a dog bed. Actually, he had a few. But Snoopy, my other beagle, figured out how to open the zipper and Scrappy pulled all the stuffing out of the dog beds – one by one. That’s why he no longer has a dog bed. After he ruined the last one I swore no more.

It’s been about a year since he ate the last one. He’s been a sport about it. Now he naps in his crate (which does have a soft mat in it). Except in the past month or so, Scrappy decided to improvise . . . apparently, the absence of a real dog bed, the laundry basket filled with freshly folded clothes will do.

Do you think he’s trying to give us a hint?

Oh, and I think Scrappy is looking for a vacation . . . in China. It seems that he’s discovered the groundhog hole and is going hog wild trying to investigate it . . . time to find some dirt to fill it in. Ugh. Nature.

(Snoopy’s the one checking out the camera.)

This post is for Weekend Dog Blogging. Check out Sweetnicks later for a roundup of other cute doggie shots.

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