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When I realized I wouldn’t be getting home until late tonight, I decided that takeout was the best route to go. Although I had defrosted meat, I just couldn’t stomach slaving over the stove at 8 p.m. So I conspired with the husband and had him call in a deliciously sinful pizza.

Why sinful? Because I am working hard on my healthy eating habits to shed the marriage weight (the baby weight is thankfully already gone. But, being the good dieter I am, I already know I had enough spare calories in my daily budget for a few slices…

And boy were they good.

But let me rewind for a moment.


Yes, penance. And I paid penance before even picking up the deliciously sinful pizza.

The pizza place, which had the nicest staff and a wonderful pie, didn’t take debit or credit…which meant I had to do the bank sprint down to the nearest branch. I. Had. To. Walk. To. The. Bank. For. Money. To. Get. My. Pizza.

Ahhh, but the exercise was totally worth it.

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