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| November 10, 2006 | 2 Comments

Suddenly it hit me this morning on the way to work . . . Thanksgiving is coming! Soon! Really, really soon!

Normally, I have my menu all finalized by now. Granted, after having cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the past few years, there are some staples that will automatically make the cut. My maple glazed turkey is a standby. Roasted butternut squash is another. And of course mashed potatoes and green beans. But it’s the other dishes that I have fun with.

I had great success with a cranberry chutney two years ago, but made regular cranberry sauce last year. Which to go with this year?

And appetizers. Last year, I went simple – cheeses, veggies, salsa and chips. The year before it was more complex – bruschetta, homemade bread and other delectable dishes. What to do this year?

For dessert, I frequent a wonderful bakery in Shelton, Conn., called Oronoque Farms. Hopefully I will make it there for two of their delicious pies before the big day.

My goals for this dinner? I want to make 90% of the meal ahead of time – one to two days in advance, preferably. Obviously the turkey and mashed potatoes must be made the day of, but everything else can be made in advance. I want to enjoy eating and catch a football game or three.

What are you planning for Thanksgiving?

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  1. Cate says:

    The Husband does our turkey low and slow, overnight. Makes for a deliciously juicy bird the next day, a terrific smell to wake up to, and, most importantly, an empty oven for me! I have a delicious cranberry chutney recipe if you’re up for a new one. Never liked the stuff until this recipe…

  2. Patti V. says:

    Husband Ralph makes the mashed potatoes the night before, pops them in the fridge tightly covered and we microwave them. It saves a step in the morning, and no one notices any difference in flavor.

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