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| November 15, 2006 | 2 Comments

I discovered something tonight.

See, I was craving something sweet but okay for you. I decided to test out a corn bread recipe I located on Cooking Light this afternoon. I’ve had corn bread before and it’s always been kind of sweet and definitely moist. That is what I was expecting.

Come to find out the sweet corn breads I am used to are a Northern thing. In the South, corn bread (real corn bread, as opposed to what we eat here) is not sweet. At all. Ever.

So anyway, I made this corn bread and was surprised when it wasn’t sweet. It didn’t hit the spot at all, though it was a good recipe – it’s just not for me.

And what I discovered was that I don’t really like corn bread after all.

There goes that Thanksgiving menu item.

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  1. sher says:

    Yes, I’m from the South and I can’t stand sweet cornbread. We have cornbread down South nearly every day, and it’s served with beans and greens. So, sweet cornbread would be…ugh! And unsweet cornbread tastes so good with melted butter. But, if you’re used to sweet cornbread, it’s a shock!

  2. Sarah says:

    Rona & Sher, you guys should try out this recipe…it was a good low-fat bread (however not for me).

    Thanks for dropping by!

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