1:15 a.m., Thanksgiving Day

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It’s 1:15 a.m., Thanksgiving Day.

After a delayed start, due to my need to reseason all my cast-iron pans (and I use the term “need” very loosely), the glazed carrots, cranberry apple chutney, roasted parsnips and honey maple glaze are ready. I also made (to my own detriment) walnut turtles — oops, the walnuts were for another dish and I forget. C’est la vie. And some interesting truffles.

I have the recipe a-go for my bacon apple cornbread stuffing (need to make the cornbread first thing in the A.M.). The mashed potatoes need to be made, the gravy, the turkey, the hor d’ourves . . . and the French bread for dinner too.

The table needs to be set, the house cleaned, the silverware shined.


But what’s important isn’t all this food. It’s not about how perfect the gravy is or how perfectly done the sides are. What’s important is that you are with your loved ones and giving thanks for all the blessings in your life – a home, food, family, friends . . .

From the Cucina Bella home to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if you are outside the U.S., have a wonderful day.


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