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I got a little nostalgic yesterday while driving home from Christmas shopping with my son and ended up driving by the house I lived in for much of my life. I also passed by, on the way, some of the many places I used to go to with my family and schools I attended. It’s funny. I haven’t lived there in 10 years, but my old house – despite the cars I didn’t recognize – still felt like home. And the whole area was like it had stood still in time. Someday I would love to live there again . . . to truly go home.

This whole reminiscing session brought me back to thinking of one of my favorite cookbooks: COOKING WITH FRIENDS. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I love this gimmicky book very much.

Meshed in with the dialogue excerpts and photos, there are some great recipes. I bought this when I was in high school (after I had moved away from the home that I mentioned earlier, though my grandfather still lived there) and vividly remember making Rachael’s Peanut Butter Cookies with my best friend in the middle of the night once . . . I still love those cookies (check back later this week, as I will be making a batch and sharing the recipe then).

But what I remember the most is all the laughs I’ve shared over the years while cooking or eating some of the dishes in the book. For instance, while my female friends and I love . Geller’s Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes, I made it for a male friend of mine once and still hear about “that awful sundried tomato pasta.” No matter how many other wonderful things I have made that he’s eaten, it’s that pasta that still gets talked about.

So while the show may have come and gone, the cookbook continues to delight like reruns late at night . . .

Check out what I wrote about it in a review earlier this year.

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