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Everyone who cooks has a book that they consider their go-to, their trusted tome, their bible of cooking . . . for me, that is Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (note: the link goes to the latest edition, not the one I have since it’s several years old).

My copy of this cookbook is dog-eared from usage and some of the pages stick together . . . okay, there is a whole section of the index that is completely and permanently bound together. Regardless, it has helped me learn how to cook a variety of dishes from a delicious low-fat alfredo to confections. The how-to guides throughout teach about different cuts of meat, identifying herbs and vegetables and how to cook them all. Want to see some recipes I’ve made from this book? Check out my vanilla frosting and my chocolate ganache. You can see the pictures here and here.

What’s your trusted tome?

On a sidenote, if you are looking for a gift for a mom in your life, check out Motherhood is Not for Wimps: No Answers, Just Stories. I’ve been reading this woman’s blog for a year now and she is hilarious. I totally recommend buying the book.

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