Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Mmm, chocolate dipped pretzels. These could quite possibly be the easiest things I have ever, ever made. Seriously. And of all the treats I made to give away this season, they got the biggest wow. Go figure.

How did I do it? It all started with a bag of pretzel rods (be sure your bag has as many unbroken ones as possible – I ran into some treacherously broken bags). I melted 8 oz. of chocolate chips per 12 rods in a makeshift double broiler (pot of hot water with a melt mixing bowl over top – the chocolate chips go in the mixing bowl. Stir frequently until just melted smooth). Then I used a spoon to coat about half of each pretzel with chocolate. To smooth it out, I held the rod by the chocolate-free end and gently shook the chocolate down and off. Then, over a plate, I sprinkled nonpareils and other little decorations onto the chocolate. After they cooled and the chocolate hardened, I transferred them to decorative bags.

Sooooooooo easy. I’m tellin’ ya!


  1. Tonia says

    Aren’t these the greatest?! Try rolling them in crushed toffee bits. (I use the packaged toffee bits & crush them a bit finer).

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog. =)

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