Catching Up, and an Easy Sandwich

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So here’s the story. My house is a mess. There are Christmas presents all around and I am struggling to regain control of my lovely Cucina Bella. Seriously. This is such a huge issue. And I am tired . . . so tired . . . from a long weekend of traveling four hours north to visit the in-laws in the snow. And I have a lot of Christmas food blogging to catch up on so that I don’t forget the wonderful recipes I’ve discovered.

Let’s talk about Christmas for a minute here. Christmas morning was fun this year in my household. There was paper tearing and present ogling all around. And Will now understands the concept of ripping away wrapping paper to reveal his gifts (thank goodness!). Last year, he was more interested in eating his presents, then opening them. Babies . . . I tell you!

Will was all smiles as he first glimpsed his Cozy Coupe II from Mommy and Daddy. He circumnavigated it a few times before getting in to check out the interior. And of course, he had to check out the door opening and closing, tell the horn, etc. And Snoopy checked it out to, just to be sure it was safe for baby Will. What a wonderful dog.

In the days following Christmas, Will got faster and faster at getting in and out of his car. And he began to regard it as a safe haven where he could hide from jacket donning and teeth brushing (sorry baby, nothing is going to get out of that!). I love that he loves the car so much. I really do.

But now we are eight days past Christmas and Will is still dashing in and out of the car, which remains inside our small adobe. At this rate, it will be here until 2008. My husband keeps threatening to take the Cozy Coupe outside, but Will is having none of that. I just want my kitchen back . . . and the house would be nice too.

Fortunately, the loss of control hasn’t resulted in a cessation of cooking around here . . . though the dishes have been markedly simple. Take this one for example -

This was delicious, and incredibly simple. It was a slight indulgence, but that’s okay once in a while.

To create this simple smoked salmon and brie sandwich (I ate it for lunch), layer a nice chunk of double cream brie cheese on a small bagel and top with a generous amount of smoked salmon. Then toss the whole concoction in the toaster oven and toast it (which will cook the salmon some, but it still tastes very good). Eat it warm.

Delicious. Simple. Hey, not every recipe has to be complicated!

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