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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The stores are already sporting their reds and pinks, hearts and cupids. Hell, they’ve been doing that since Dec. 26. No matter though, with the V-day (and I am very fond of this holiday. It would be my #3 favorite holiday behind Halloween and Christmas, respectively) only one month and one day away, there is a lot of love-y, dove-y stuff to consider.

I’m no where near ready to share my Valentine’s Day menu, or even to give suggestions. But what I can do is show you a few nifty holiday things that would help your Valentine’s Day dinner turn out extra special. Or, maybe they will just look cool. Either way, these are some mighty cute gizmos and gadgets that I have on my WANT LIST.

First up, we have this darling Le Creuset Heart Casserole. It’s two-quarts and in the shape of a heart. Who wouldn’t love to cook in this pot?!? Okay, okay, it might be a slight challenge dealing with the extra curve, but I still think it’s just too cute. I could see myself making a nice pot of New England clam chowder in this, or perhaps some creamy risotto. Hmmm . . . now there are a few menu item ideas after all!

Now that we are on the topic of heart shaped Le Creuset cookware, I need to share a few adorable ramekins that would produce wonderful desserts (creme brulee, anyone?).

From left, you have a set of four Le Creuset Red Heart Shaped Ramekins, a pink covered Le Creuset Heart Shaped Ramekins, and a set of four Le Creuset Heart Ramekins with pastel interiors. First, the red ramekins – the red exterior would really pop with a delicious white dessert with red accents inside (perhaps a vanilla mousse with a delicious berry sauce?). My favorite is the covered pink ramekin, though I haven’t decided what I might cook in it if I had it. But it’s simple elegance is really appealing to me. Finally, the chestnut ramekins with pastel centers. These are really very cute. I think when my son is a little older (and maybe has a baby sister) these would be wonderful for a family Valentines Day event.

And really, what’s better to go with your heart shaped cookware then a heart shaped oven mitt (or two). This adorable and durable oven mitt is from Williams-Sonoma and comes (thankfully) in a pair.

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