Rough Weekend

| February 12, 2007 | 0 Comments

I intended on posting a few times this weekend but two things thwarted that plan.

First, my laptop’s Internet Explorer began malfunctioning (wouldn’t go to webpages at all). Finally I discovered that there was an upgrade that Microsoft REALLY wanted me to download (do you sense a conspiracy here, because I do). When I finally did the download, IE was working again but it was unbelievably slow. This morning, for instance, it’s taken me over than an hour to get posts at Fit Fare, Well Fed On The Town and Sugar Savvy up – that should have been an easy 15 minute deal. I have since downloaded Firefox and am officially in love with the browser. It’s so fast!!!

Oh, and the other thing? We transformed my favorite room – the dining room – into my office this weekend. As much as I loved my dining room, it just wasn’t practical to have a room we barely used in our home when I am in desperate need of space to work. I’ll post pictures soon (right now the USB cable is missing in action).


Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to post something for Well Fed On The Town’s Love Bites event before 8 p.m. on Feb. 13.

Good memories and good food come together in a divine remembrance.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Well Fed On The Town is holding a special blogging event. Write a post on your blog between now and Feb. 13 highlighting a particular restaurant and the circumstances that made it special for you and yours. Be sure to link to Well Fed On The Town from the post. Then send the permalink to sarahDOTcaronATgmailDOTcom anything before 8 p.m., EST on Feb. 13 to be included in our Love Bites round-up on Feb. 14.

Don’t have a blog? Email your story and we’ll include it here.

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