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On vegetarians: I have a new found respect for vegetarians who work in my office complex. See, I have been lax about bringing lunch to work over the past week and have had to use the cafeteria to fulfill that dietary requirement. However I had quickly learned that the cafeteria isn’t always a vegetarian-friendly place. Granted, there is always a salad bar and usually a vegetarian soup available, but who wants to eat soup and salad every day?

On the best days there is a fish entree, the usual soup and salad and a vegetarian sandwich. But those days are few and far between. It’s no wonder to me now why some people I work with are forever just getting some fruit and salad for lunch – there are limited options if you aren’t eating meat.

On restaurant choices: After a meal out this weekend where I was forced to choose between a caesar salad and a plate of fried stuff (I went with the fried stuff for flavor), I remembered how hard it can be to eat out when you are on a restricted diet. Little things other people take for granted – like variety – become a serious issue when you are a vegetarian at a steak house (or a diabetic at a bakery, or some other similar situation). As friends and family members, we should be thoughtful of our loved ones limitations and help them to have a happy dining experience too.

And other stuff . . .

Okay, this was all a great big lead up. I don’t want to make a huge deal of it, but it is a huge deal for me. And I am super, super excited. Who wouldn’t be? Okay, okay, I will stop beating around the bush!

I was recently approached by a publisher to write a cookbook. After throwing around ideas for a few weeks, we came to an agreement on a subject and timetable on Tuesday. And yesterday, I signed the contract.

I’m writing a cookbook!!!!

Edited to Add: Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the publisher and my cookbook was never published. However, I do plan to write a cookbook eventually. It’s in my plan.

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