A Few Cookies and a Glass of Milk . . .

| March 26, 2007 | 2 Comments

. . . does little to drive away the writer’s block.

A whole week away from my blog? I can’t believe it! So what have I been doing while neglecting this nearly daily log of eats and exploits? Well, for one, I am still editing Well Fed On The Town, Fit Fare and Sugar Savvy, so that’s a daily exercise for me. And I am writing for a new blog as well, Mad About Martha. Plus there is the book, which is coming along nicely in terms of the new recipes I’ve been developing. Of course, there is the textual other side that I still need to contend with . . .

And I’ve been working.

Back to the book for a second. I was brimming with ideas when I signed the contract and could scarcely wait to get writing. So why is it that now that I am writing, those ideas are fleeting and forgotten memories? A little writers block here, a little writers block there . . . Sometimes it’s maddening. So I try to get the ideas out – no matter where I am – when I get them so that I don’t lose any more. I can’t afford to!

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Sarah Walker Caron is a freelance writer, editor and recipe developer. Her work has appeared in countless online and print publications including iVillage, BELLA NYC Magazine, Yum for Kids magazine and more. She lives in Connecticut with her two kids, two beagles and husband.

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  1. Chris says:

    When I was frustrated with my dissertation, or had writers block, or not finding the right research study, or even worse – when my chair butchered it with editing comments, I put it away. I had to – someimes for a week, or two. But, I understand your frustration…I wish I could wave a magic wand for you! Keep pluggin’!

  2. Cate says:

    I keep a notepad and a glass full of pens on my nighttable, because my inspiration usually strikes when I’m lying awake … trying to fall asleep, and there is no way I’ll remember my thoughts in the morning. That said, the less you think about something, the more ideas will sprout. Maybe take a break for a few days and take your mind off it.

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