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| June 5, 2007 | 2 Comments

See these irises? I don’t remember having them last year. I didn’t plant them. Yet suddenly they are all over my property (I am not complaining, just merely surprised). And you know what else? The strange “decorative grass” that my husband keeps trying to cut down beside my porch? Turns out it is another variety of iris, that’s near blooming. How strange is that? You would think that after three years of living here I would be used to the foliage on my property. But this has been a banner year for things blooming that haven’t in the past – like my tulips out front that bloomed for the first time this year after being planted three years ago. That being said, my lilacs had their shortest bloom in recent memory – less than a week.

Anyway, in my little garden plot (sorry, no pictures yet), I have been struggling with what to plant. At first I was thinking flowers and perhaps some compact bush-type things. After last year’s unmentionable catastrophe, I didn’t want to deal with food in the garden again.

But this past weekend, Will and I dropped by Shortt’s Farm and Garden Center (owned by my cousin and her husband) in Sandy Hook and the tomato plants just sounded so alluring that I ended up coming home with a pack of big boys, a pack of heirlooms and two packs of basil. Now I am thinking I might add some green beans and perhaps a few other herbs as well. Hopefully, with the right attention this year, I won’t repeat the mistakes of last year and the year prior (such as letting weeds get out of control. Eeeek.).

Eh, I’ll settle for just producing more than two edible tomatoes (with 12 tomato plants, I sure hope that’s the case). Ultimately, I would love to have enough tomatoes to dice, puree, crush and make into a puree – all for canning this year. We shall see.

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  1. Sarah says:

    If you stake black plastic garbage bags in between rows or around individual plants (like tomatoes), weeds won’t grow there.

    Get some rosemary. That doesn’t need lots of attention. And oregano will run rampant and drive away other weeds.

  2. Virtual Frolic says:

    Wow you’re so lucky! People were going crazy for the irises at the greenmarket the past few weekends! oOO – and heirlooms..I want a backyard!! =)

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