An Important Lesson: Why not to procrastinate

| July 8, 2007 | 5 Comments

This is my refrigerator. It is just shy of three years old. We’ve been careful to baby it, vacuuming underneath to ensure that no dog hair or dust build up taxed the motor. And I love it – the delicious water from the dispenser, the way it dependably keeps my food cold or frozen (depending on which half you are talking about).

However, while we were away, our refrigerator conked out. And after all the babying, all the joy I felt for this giant hunk of metal . . . It just failed us. So my husband, who came home a few days early for work, had to clean out rotten foods and unfrozen ice (among other things). Yuck.

But the biggest upset for me was losing the giant bag of strawberries that I recently picked, cleaned, hulled and froze for winter. I had intended to move them to our deep freezer in the basement but procrastinated. There was so much else to do. So instead of wonderfully, carefully frozen strawberries from a local farm, we will be strawberry-less all winter (or else have to buy some, but those never taste as good and it’s such a waste to lose all those berries).

Good news? The repair people will be here in the morning to fix the fridge. So at least we won’t be too long without one (we do have a mini-fridge running in the meantime though).

And I learned a very important lesson on following through. If I hadn’t hemmed and hawed about having to go downstairs to move the strawberries, we would still have their delicious goodness for the summer. No more procrastination.

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  1. Patti says:

    sorry about the fridge ~ and the delicious Jones’ berries.

    I envy your deep freezer. ;-)

  2. Virtual Frolic says:

    Oh no! That’s terrible! I’ve been worried about my fridge as it’s been making a lot of noise this weekend. I hope you didn’t loose too much other stuff! I froze most of my berries – so if you need some, holler! By the time they get to you, they’ll be nice and thawed =)

  3. Cate says:

    I totally feel your pain. When we moved, we ended up losing everything in two refrigerator/freezer units and one whole freezer. I was sorely bummed.

  4. Sarah says:

    Boo! That stinks. It’s never even occurred to me that could happen; it will surely happen to my fridge tomorrow as a result.

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