Making Strawberry Jam

| July 16, 2007 | 3 Comments

I started this post several weeks ago before going on vacation. Unfortunately, time constraints forced me to set it aside. And now, after careful thought, I have decided not to give you a recipe to go along with it. At least not yet.

But making jam? Not that hard. Canning? Not that hard. And the taste . . . oh the taste. It’s sweet and deep and rich in a way that even the fanciest store-bought jams can’t match. I can’t believe I never did this before. I’ve been missing out on a whole fireworks-laden sensation of eating.

See, I was a jam-making and canning virgin before a few weeks ago. And I was scared of these new things. So I read and read and read about it before actually doing anything. And I was worried that I wouldn’t be successful. The worry was for naught. Not only was the jam-making and canning easy, but it was fun. And it’s definitely something that will be repeated again and again and again. I can’t wait for blueberry and raspberry seasons here in the Northeast. I have big canning plans.

But even though it was easy and the directions from Preserving Memories were a piece of cake, I feel like I am still perfecting the whole process. For instance, my jam takes about 10 minutes longer than the directions say it should to reach a state of jelling. It still comes out great, but I want to figure out why. Is it the pan I am using? My technique? Something I am misreading? Whatever the case, I want to be sure before I pass along the word of how to do it.

Coincidentally, I have since also made and canned black raspberry jam which is out of this world. I spent much of my vacation pilfering berries from my neighbor’s bushes. And I have since discovered that there are more convenient sources for the wild berries. Mmmm.

But if you want to start canning too, I suggest picking up a large, sturdy pot, some jelly jars, a good pair of nonslip tongs and a copy of Preserving Memories. It’s definitely worth the effort.

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  1. Tonia says:

    The jam looks great Sarah. You’ve inspired me & I’ve just ordered Preserving Memories from Amazon. We have amazing blackberries this year here in WV & I can’t wait to give canning a try.

  2. Virtual Frolic says:

    Wow – your jam looks delicious!

  3. Sarah Caron says:

    Tonia, I think you will enjoy the book (at least I hope so). It’s totally worth the two day process too for some of the recipes too.

    VF- Thanks!

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