Fate Needed a Laugh

| August 15, 2007 | 3 Comments

Sometimes fate just likes to have a laugh at your expense. I mean, it must have been fate that I recalled The Terrible Chocolate Yogurt Incident this morning during the course of thinking on my way to work. And then I repeated the Incident with applesauce this afternoon down to the details. Surely I am not just a pregnant klutzy woman (much like I was a klutzy, awkward teenager).

So, I suppose you are wanting to know about The Terrible Chocolate Yogurt Incident now, eh? Well, I will tell you . . . but I never want to hear about it again. The very thought sends shivers through my every nerve.

There I was, a medium height, relatively thin 16-year-old in my journalism class junior year at Pawling Jr./Sr. High School. I didn’t have a lunch period, so I munched in that class everyday while working on stories and copy edits. I was, after all, the big self-important copy editor (which is somewhat of a laugh if you know my track record with spelling and punctuation . . . but I could put a hell of a sentence together). Anyway, I was wearing my puffy, ruffled shirt (actually it was a bodysuit shirt — it was the 90s after all). And when I opened my nonfat chocolate yogurt for lunch SPLAT! It came flying out at me. In disbelief, I looked down at my dark chocolate stained ruffles. And, no, a little water DIDN’T help get it out. I was, in a word, mortified. It was even more mortifying that I had to wear that stupid shirt for the remainder of the school day (3-4 class periods) and to work that night, since I couldn’t just run home and change – no car, no license.

Needless to say, that was the last time I took chocolate yogurt for lunch. Or any yogurt for that matter.

And that brings me back to today when I peeled back the foil on a little unsweetened applesauce cup. What happened? I wore it. Right down the front of my brown dress . . . wonderful!

Really, I think fate just needed a laugh today.

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  1. Virtual Frolic says:

    That’s why I don’t own any white shirts, or white clothing for that matter. I don’t think I can even drink water without spilling it on myself.

  2. Patti says:

    How embarrassing this must have been in high school. Eeek.

    Uh-oh. I just put on a white sleeveless shirt…no doubt the power of suggestion will win and I will be wearing lunch today.

  3. Cate says:

    You are in good company, I promise. Every time the women in our family get together, one of us notoriously dumps food on the front of our shirt. Last time, it was my sister at my cousin’s wedding … ‘course being nearly 8 months pregnant, her belly is a nice little shelf so she has an excuse … for now. ;)

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