How to Plan a Mother Blessing Ceremony

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Alright, here is part three of the Mother Blessing Ceremony series. This is the final part. Tomorrow, we get back to strictly food.

1) Read up on Mother Blessings and Blessingways. Start by reading my explanation here. Know what Mother Blessings and Blessingways are all about. Decide which parts you are interested in partaking in.

Remember, you can adapt the activities and rituals to better fit your party. Examples of activities include making a birthing necklace, creating a Mother Blessing/Blessingway scrapbook for the mom, and doing hair brushing (take turns brushing the mom’s hair).


  • Good information on activities can be found at Richmond Midwife.
  • An example of a successful Blessingway can be found on Real Savvy Moms.
  • Great tips can be found here.

2) Plan the guest list. Invite a small group of the mother-to-be’s nearest and dearest. If you aren’t sure who to invite, ask her for the list. Choose meaningful invitations that convey the message that this is about the woman becoming mother. For ours, I used blank cards and pasted a description on one side of the inside and the invite on the other. Send the invites 3-4 weeks before the party.

3) Get down to the nitty gritty. Ultimately, planning a Mother Blessing or Blessingway is no different than planning any other party. You have the same basic parts: choose a location, get the guest list ready, send invites, plan the party. The most significant difference is that you are planning things to empower the mother-to-bed, rather than planning fun but silly games like who can identify the most objects in a bag.

In any case, decide on what activities you will be having. Plan the food (remember, this is centered around the mom so choose things she loves to eat). Buy the supplies. Also, consider how you want to decorate. Using just a few candles around is a nice way to go. This is not the time to over decorate.

4) Don’t sweat the little things. On the day of the party, if things don’t go according to your plan, that’s okay! Just let things flow naturally. Accept that things may not be how you imagined – they may be better. And ultimately, make sure the mother to be enjoys herself.

(Updated 6/09)

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  1. Riana says:

    Sounds like a nice idea. In India, the moms are massaged for 40 days after giving birth, now that sounds nice too.

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