Pet Peeves: People can be so irritating!

| September 15, 2007 | 3 Comments

Okay. This isn’t about food. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Things that really, really irk me:

  • - Fat, middle-aged men who park in the Stork Parking at the mall. Okay, that beer belly may look a little pregnant, but it ain’t no baby! So toddle your big ‘ol car to the back of the parking lot and leave the Stork Parking to those of us with kids (or who are pregnant).
  • - Arrogant men in big SUVs who honk and flail their hands as you (and all of the other drivers in line) wait patiently for a SAFE break in traffic to merge onto the Saw Mill Parkway. I’m not sorry either. My unborn child’s safety and mine too are far more important that the minute you lose waiting. If you don’t like it, endanger yourself, not us.
  • - Being told that the baby must be coming soon. Well duh. Yes, I am pregnant. Yes, I have a pregnant belly. But dammit, this baby better cook for as long as she’s supposed to! This is the only in utero time she gets and furthermore, I don’t need anyone telling me how big my belly is.
  • - People who don’t say ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’ when they A) bump into you, B) push past you, C) walk through a door your are opening, or any other number of instances. Get some manners people!
  • - If I could predict the exact day I am going to give birth, I would be a rich woman. I can’t. Sorry, not that clairvoyant!
  • - Back to drivers for a second: anyone who puts on their high beams while behind another car. WOW that’s rude. If you want to go faster, pull into the fast lane. I think 5-10 miles over the speed limit is just fine.

So, what are your pet peeves?

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  1. Patti says:

    I know another of your pet peeves, dear friend. People asking you what you are going to name your daughter.
    Sorry. Had to write that.

    As for pet peeves,people constantly on their cell phones in public places, such as the grocery store…and not talking about whether to get chopped meat or chicken thighs.
    And driving brings many to mind. Tailgating, flashing high beams as you mentioned.

    As someone with a spouse who has a major physical disability, I have developed a certain amount of patience over the years. Some people truly have none.

  2. Chris says:

    Oh my….pet peeves…there are so many! A big one for me is the “I don’t have to use my blinker” driver. Another one is dress code at work. I may sound old and like my mother (inevitable – I know), but I don’t think flip flops are appropriate for any job other than a lifeguard. And dress-down/jeans Friday doesn’t mean someone needs to couple the jeans with a dull, washed out t-shirt that needs a good ironing.
    Okay..I am done….:)

  3. Sarah Caron says:

    Oh Patti – that cell phone thing irritates me too. Especially when they hold up lines because of it. Grrr.

    Chris, the blinker thing really gets to me. Is it REALLY that hard to put on your blinker? I mean REALLY!

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