Eating local: Pick Your Own apples

| September 30, 2007 | 1 Comment

Have I mentioned that it’s apple season here in the northeast? Of course I have . . . And apple season is off to a great start. The apples are plentiful both in the fields and in my home (we’ve done lots of picking this week!).

Will and I went apple picking yesterday . . . twice. See, we had plans to go with a friend and my sister, but the friend had a hellish time getting here from New York and arrived later than expected. So we went with my sister in the morning and bought the biggest bag they had. My goodness — that was heavy to carry (and of course Will wanted to be carried by me and only me as well).

Can you guess what Will did after we dropped my sister off and ran a few quick errands on the way to pick up my friend? And yes, it was a good thing. He actually got a decent nap in the car, believe it or not.

Then we were back to the farm, this time with the enlightened realization that it makes a whole lot more sense to take the stroller so Will didn’t have to walk the whole time. Yea, we learn from our mistakes. Of course Will did talk me into getting out of the stroller and required some carrying again. UGH.

The nice thing about picking your own anything is that you see the food from raw ingredient to finished product. There is no question when it was picked, where it came from or even who grew it. I really like that. Will and I will certainly continue our pick your own activities next year and in many years to come.

Anyway, in honor of the plethora of apples decorating my counter top, the end of Eat Local Challenge month and the start of National Apple Month, it’s apple week here at Cucina Bella. Wonder how many different ways I can use apples? I’d better get creative because I bought A LOT.

So far? Five half-pints of spiced applesauce made, canned and shelved. Don’t worry . . . recipe coming soon (maybe even tonight).


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  1. Patti says:

    Will looks so sweet taking a cat nap.
    He’s getting so big!

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