Thanksgiving Recap: Part 1 – The Menu

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I don’t have a million photos of our meal from Thanksgiving this year, but will be posting a few periodically throughout the week. To tell the truth, there wasn’t a perfectly planned table to fawn over and the menu wasn’t as intricate as it has been in previous years. But I found that modifying our celebration to be a little simpler really worked in our favor. After all, good food and good company is all you need.

Check back all week for Thanksgiving and holiday related posts. After all, the lessons we learn from Thanksgiving can easily be applied to all the holidays.

First, our menu. As I said, this year I went simpler and actually allowed help in the kitchen (more on that later). As a result, I wasn’t cooking for days leading up to Thanksgiving — in fact, everything could be accomplished over the course of an hour each for cooking and prep work. That was a huge bonus. And for once, I really enjoyed Thanksgiving. I guess that is something to take as a lesson. Simplifying things really does reap rewards for a happier holiday. So, simplify, simplify, simplify.

So, here’s what we ate:

Appetizers -

  • Cheese plate (cut up cheese with crackers — chipotle cheddar, vermont extra sharp cheddar, gouda, port wine and another variety of cheddar — do you sense a theme?)
  • Bruschettas (three varieties – tomato, gorgonzola parmesan, and sweet onion)

Main -

  • Shawn’s sweet and savory rotisserie turkey (and if I can ever pin him down on the recipe, I will share it. It’s glazed with a mixture of butter, honey, special seasoning salt, and a few other things).

Sides –

Dessert -

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