Thanksgiving Recap: Sharing the Kitchen

| November 29, 2007 | 0 Comments

Okay, so I was supposed to give you the delicious recipe for roasted butternut squash and I still will — just later than I intended. It’s been a rough week. Regardless, I wanted to catch up on my Thanksgiving recap and tell you about something amazing that I did this year.

Wait for it . . .

I shared my kitchen.

Normally on Thanksgiving, I shoo everyone out of the kitchen (okay, the day before, actually) and then I cook dish after dish, course after course. What can I say? I am a control freak. I like things to be done a certain way at a certain time . . .

But this year was a little different. Unable to lift the turkey, I had to let my husband help me. It wasn’t easy to relinquish complete, absolute control and let him help, but it had to be done. And ultimately, I actually let him make the turkey himself. No honey maple turkey for us this year. Instead, we went with my husband’s recipe. And it was delicious. Moreover, with his help peeling and cutting and chopping, dinner preparation was less stressful for me. I was actually able to sit back and enjoy the holiday for once. How crazy is that?

And here’s a little secret: I actually liked having him help. It was fun. And I didn’t feel so isolated and alone making the meal for once . . . There. I said it.

But don’t tell him that.


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