Reflecting on Christmas 2007

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pepbark2.gifPeppermint Bark Cookies

Christmas has come and gone. I did most of my shopping online this year, even though I love the crowds (gasp, I know) and the decorated stores with carols playing in the background. It just wasn’t possible with a newborn and a toddler this year . . .

Snow and ice prevented us from decorating for Christmas beyond the living room, but that didn’t change the merriment of the season. Will enjoyed all of his presents, pausing to play with each one before opening another. Paige slept through most of the festivities. Fortunately, Santa had the brilliant idea to bring a set of pacifiers in her stocking — the only ones that Will would use when he was a baby. Did I mention that Santa is brilliant?

With Christmas over, one would think that means all the holiday stuff is done with — but it’s not. There are still presents to wrap and ship (ugh), some more cookies to bake, and more well wishes to pass along. Fortunately, the lead up to these things is a little more relaxed than the lead up to the big day was . . . thank goodness.

The past few weeks have been busy, to say the least. There were parties to attend, presents to wrap, tricycles to build . . . and I was awake until 2 a.m. at least one night this week, finishing up the holiday gift baskets for my husband’s coworkers and several friends and family members. I baked several varieties of biscotti, dark chocolate cranberry cookies, vanilla bean cookies and these divine creations — Deconstructed Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies.

I was digging through recipes, looking for a recipe for a great cookie to include in the baskets when I found my recipe for triple chocolate chunk cookies. Somehow that translated into coming up with the idea to mix peppermint bark ingredients into the dough instead of just plain ol’ chocolate.

These could be the best baked good ever to be born in my kitchen. They are chocolately, pepperminty and just absolutely delicious. Everyone who has tasted them has oohed and aahed. In fact, my husband’s coworker said I was “a genius” for creating this cookie. To bad I am going on a massive diet in a few days . . .

(Edited to add: This recipe has been renovated and revised. Find the updated version here: Deconstructed Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies

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