A Few Of My Favorite Things From 2007

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In 2007, I was fortunate to try many new things . . . snacks, gadgets, cookbooks, magazines. Some were fantastic, others were disasters. I figured it would only be fitting to pay one final farewell ode to 2007 by highlighting a few of my favorite things. Enjoy!

  • The SideSwipe blade for my KitchenAid – When I sampled this for The Cook’s Kitchen, I thought it might be useful come Christmas time. How right I was! This blade, which has silicone fingers that scrape the bowl as you mix, sped up my cookie making exponentially. And anything that gives me more time is tops in my book . . .
  • Ceramic and Stainless Garlic Keeper from Williams Sonoma – I used to store garlic loose in a cabinet and it always seemed to be going bad before I could use it all. This cute little container doesn’t take up much room on my countertop and it seems to be elongating the life of my garlic. Love it!
  • Simple Italian Sandwiches by Jennifer and Jason Denton, with Kathryn Kellinger – When Virtual Frolic gave me this cookbook, I couldn’t wait to check out every recipe. The recipes come from ‘ino, my favorite little panini and bruschetta bar in New York. Now that I have tried a few (see Sweet Onions, Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Sweet Onion Panini, and What To Do With The Sweet Onions?). . . well, let’s just say that this cookbook is worth every single penny.
  • Preserving Memories: Growing Up in My Mother’s Kitchen by Judy Glattstein – Last summer I wanted to try my hand at canning so I bought two books. This was my favorite. First came strawberry jam, then black raspberry jam and then spiced applesauce . . . mmmm. I can’t wait for next summer to do even more. This cookbook had a number of great recipes to get me going — and best of all, they are all labeled by their degree of difficulty.
  • Kinder Happy Hippos candies – Light and crispy on the outside and a gush of soft chocolate-y goodness on the inside. Oh, these are just amazing. You have to try them.
  • Magic Bullet blender – Shawn and I just received this for Christmas and it’s been used at least twice a day since. It was a lifesaver for making whipped cream for Christmas dessert after the mixer broke and the blender made us a nice load of whipped butter (ugh . . . how annoyed was I?!?). Hummus, smoothies, fruit purees . . . all in seconds. Love this!

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