Top Chef Chicago: Week One Reflections

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Alright. I love Top Chef. It’s a fun series and really interesting to see what the cooks come up with. And there are always a few zingers . . . Remember the Marcel drama? It was like a train wreck – uncomfortable, but too hard not to watch.

This season opened with a pizza quick fire. Love pizza. That would have been a fun one to compete in. Some of the pizzas were inspired, others not so much. The Marmite on pizza freaked me out a bit. Yuck. Then there was the head to head cooking competition for the elimination challenge. That was interesting — those were some elementary dishes and some really bombed. Nacho souffle, anyone?

But I am not here to recap the evening. What I really want to do is share a few reflections…I will try to do this every week this season.

  • Good riddance, Nimma. When Nimma launched into the diatribe about not being there to have fun, she lost me. And that was pretty early in the show. Hun, goals are great, but you won’t get fanfare if you aren’t personable. At all. So, I wasn’t too sad when she packed her knives.
  • Andrew needs to tone down that language. Seriously. I’d like to be able to watch this when it’s repeated on weekends (since chances are I will miss the first showing), but with so many bleeps, it’s just not appropriate for my kids. There is really no need for him to drop f-bomb after f-bomb. (Why is there so much bleeping this season anyway? Have the production people forgotten how to cut things?) And really, Andrew didn’t know what mayonnaise is eggs and oil? Seriously?
  • Stephanie’s winning dish really did look good. Mmmm. Those egg rolls? I’d like to bite into a bit of that!
  • Psst! Viewers have until March 31 to submit their photo and recipe of an audacious burger. Click here for details.

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