Top Chef Chicago: Week Three Reflections

| March 28, 2008 | 2 Comments

Ready for the chain of thought version of reflections? Here a’goes.

Andrew started off the episode with an f-bomb. Puh-lease . . . so over it.

This season, it’s like instantly into the quick fire, but if you blink, you might just miss the whole thing. Is it just me, or has the quick fire challenge gotten just a wee-bit too quick? What happened to spending a little time watching them choose ingredients and develop their quick-fire dishes? From start to finish, including commercials, judging and winner announcing, the quick fire took 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes. Seriously people. And while we are at it, tacos sure are fun, but high end tacos? Are we running out of ideas? That is the antithesis of fine dining. Really.

On a side note, I want more Tom Colicchio. Darn it. He’s like barely getting any screen time this season! What gives?

Back to Andrew though. He needs to tone it down. Seriously. “You’d have to drag me out with security guards … This is my house.” Um, no. It’s not. You. Aren’t. That. Good.

Meanwhile, I’m a little sad that Eric got let go . . . he was one of my favorites. I liked his good natured personality.

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  1. I totally agree – Andrew’s a weird character – also as you mentioned who doesn’t know what makes mayonnaise? Esp a chef at Le Cirque!!! I’m getting really tired of the Borat impersonation voice he got old like a year ago

    I can’t get over Ted Allen’s comment about Waldorf salad. I seriously can’t. He represents “style” and “New York” for so much of America and then to make a comment like Waldorf salad is from “middle america”…please..isn’t it obvious enough that it’s called Waldorf???

    I am really starting to dislike this season of Top Chef. They all seem really whiny and cocky. It was hard enough last year with Hung – but atleast he had the talent to match the attitude (he ended up winning!).

  2. Sarah Caron says:

    Andrew is weird, for sure. Even I know what’s in mayo — and I don’t even eat the stuff!

    As for Ted Allen, did anyone else notice how gaunt he looked in this episode? Seriously frail. What gives?

    And I was definitely thinking the same thing about this season. I am having a hard time connecting with ANY of the contestants. If you can’t connect, why watch?

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