100 Things, Updated

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Readers who’ve been with me for awhile might remember that I shared my 100 things list a few months ago just before the new year. This is a list I started a few years ago and keep updating with new goals and accomplishments. Basically, it’s all the things I want to do in my lifetime. I haven’t reached 100 things on the list yet, but that’s okay because life is a work in progress.

I figured being that the year is about 1/3 over, now would be a good time for an update.

I also shared my New Years’ Resolutions, which are still in progress . . . I think I am close to checking at least one off that list. Yay!

100 Things
(I want to do)

  1. Walk down the red carpet at a movie premiere
  2. Be a best selling author
  3. Publish an adult novel
  4. Publish a children’s novel
  5. Publish non-fiction
  6. Write a recurring column
  7. Appear on the Today Show
  8. Be recognized
  9. Visit Mayan pyramids
  10. See Italy’s countryside
  11. Eat sushi in Japan
  12. Buy a home in Manhattan
  13. Live in London, England
  14. See Africa
  15. Get my PhD
  16. Get an MFA in Creative Writing
  17. Go to J-school at Columbia
  18. Teach a writing class
  19. Be a professor
  20. Give a commencement address
  21. Sit on a Board of Trustees
  22. Buy a bigger house
  23. Pay for my children’s college education
  24. Be a millionaire
  25. Invest in real estate
  26. Take a road trip with friends
  27. Have lunch with Anna Quindlin
  28. Have a clean house
  29. Learn how to keep a clean house
  30. Be in a movie
  31. Make a difference
  32. Be known
  33. Write a cookbook – Accomplished 2007
  34. Be published in a consumer magazine
  35. Help others
  36. Move back to New York
  37. Have my own cooking show
  38. Sit on the other side of the interviewing table (as in get interviewed myself) – Accomplished March 2008
  39. Be an editor – Accomplished Sept. 2006
  40. Have a successful freelance career
  41. Learn to enjoy wine
  42. …………………..to be continued

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