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What do you do when you suddenly find yourself with a free hour or so? An hour without your toddler because your neighbor has graciously said he could play at her house. An hour with just your sleeping infant . . .

Me? I cash the freelance checks I have been toting around. Then I head to Villarena – a local pasta shop that’s been on my to-try list for a long, long time (think years). We picked up freshly made stuffed shells and some ravioli filled with smoked mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Then, my mind turned to lunch . . . off to the Misty Vale Deli for Amanda’s Big Mouth. It’s pastrami, cheddar, onions, lettuce, tomato and bacon on a hard roll (hold the thousand island, thankyouverymuch). And a bottle of Diet Coke to wash it down.

Then it’s back home where I call the neighbors to see how Will is. Still playing? His friend will only be there for another 40 minutes? Sure, he can stick around a bit longer . . . no problem.

That’s when the little lady gets into her Exersaucer and starts playing with the toys.

To be able to just sit down and do . . . well, nothing . . . is an absolute relief. With two kids, two dogs, two jobs . . . it’s a lot. It’s all consuming of my time, so the chances that I have to just sit down and relax are few and far between.

This was my Saturday. My first true day off from work in two months – I was all caught up on everything and could just relax for a bit. And it was everything I dreamed it could me. Every so often, while I munched on my perfect, warm, salty sandwich, Paige would look over and flash me her perfect, toothless grin. Then she’d be right back to playing. Every so often, the toys bug her though, and she would let out a raspberry. It’s like she’s telling that Bee where he can go . . . in the most certain terms.

About the sandwich: Misty Vale Deli is on Route 34 in Sandy Hook, CT. I’ve never had a bad combination, but the Amanda’s Big Bite is pretty darn amazing. The combination of flavors works so well together. Also try the Treadwell and the Flagpole. But be warned: this place gets a lot of traffic in the morning, at lunch and right after school . . . and it can get a little hectic in the cozy store.

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Sarah Walker Caron is a freelance writer, editor and recipe developer. Her work has appeared in countless online and print publications including iVillage, BELLA NYC Magazine, Yum for Kids magazine and more. She lives in Connecticut with her two kids, two beagles and husband.

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  1. That sandwich looks AMAZING!!

    Sounds like you FINALLY had a well-deserved day off.

  2. Viktoria says:

    Glad you get a chance to rest every once in a while.

  3. It’s funny – that kind of free time is so infrequent, it’s almost like we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. :)

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