Dancing My Way to Fitness

| April 16, 2008 | 0 Comments

Oh. My. Lord.

I’ve discovered the perfect workout video for me. And I can do the whole thing without thinking about it . . . that’s a great sign.

Anyway, the video arrived and I couldn’t help but think the woman on the cover looked awfully like an Asian Jane Fonda circa 1985. But, who am I to judge? The 80s are back, after all. Leggings, Bermuda shorts, Sweet Valley High books, and all . . .Will grabbed it off the counter yesterday — I hadn’t gotten to it yet. He wanted to watch it – especially after I told him it was a dance video. I obliged. Can’t turndown a chance to combine work and play with the kids.

Well, we did the whole video. No clock checking or water breaks. And Will was so cute – trying to master the dance moves too. As for being a workout, I could definitely feel different muscles being stretched and moved during the dances, which is a good thing. This is something I could easily do everyday – maybe even more than once a day.

My favorite dance (and Will’s too) was the Latin Groove.

We haven’t yet checked out the movement breakdown, but that’s a feature for another day. Seriously, this is a really fun workout.

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