Top Chef Chicago: Week Six Reflections

| April 17, 2008 | 0 Comments

Quote of the night: “I made Ryan Scott tailgate food and I am proud of it.”

Come. On. Poached pears are not tailgate food. EVER. Seriously? What was he thinking? But, as this season has demonstrated, Bravo found a group of chefs who are more about themselves than the food.

I digress.  Shall we begin at the beginning?

Spike: “I’m a talented dude.” If BS is a talent, then yes, yes he is.

So, blah, blah, blah . . . I am skipping the quick fire this week. Let’s hop along to the (yay) elimination challenge. Finally! An individual challenge (which leaves no room for anyone to whine about not making the dish they desire) . . . And of course, that means that the aforementioned Ryan had no one to reign him in. Meanwhile, Andrew did his barbecuing with a helmet on . . . How perfect! He seriously needs a helmet.

I am really, really liking Dale. I loved how he was breathless to have the Chicago Bears legends eating his food. Finally, a competitor I like! He’ll be someone to watch. I like Mark too, although his messy station today was a little concerning for his longevity.

And on a side note: Men. Bubble bath. Together. Bizarre. Is this Top Chef or Real World circa 1999?

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