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| May 5, 2008 | 1 Comment

If next Sunday is anything like today – sunny, blue-skied, relaxed – then it will be a fantastic Mother’s Day. Now, before you go off railing on how it’s a Hallmark holiday and blah, blah, blah, just listen. Mother’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s. It was created by a daughter who wanted to honor her mom’s work after her death. (Read the story here.) Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday . . .

Heck, the celebration of mothering is something that has been done for centuries. So, please, don’t malign this one. I happen to like it. Maybe it’s because I am a mother. Regardless, I think mothers do deserve their day after carrying their children in the womb for months and months, and then birthing them. Oh, the wonders of birthing . . . and the stories I could share.

The simple fact is that mothering isn’t easy. When your kids are young, they look to you for everything: nourishment, guidance, reassurance, and help. Then they get older and they still need you just as much, just in different ways. You put their needs before your own and do your best to give them the most wonderful life possible . . . and you don’t always succeed. That’s one of the hardest parts: understanding that you aren’t perfect and can’t make every moment perfect . . .

I really wish I could make every moment perfect . . .

I digress. The point is that mothers deserve the attention they should be getting on mothers day (and don’t forget: fathers have their own day in a month . . .).  They’ve earned it.
In case you want to buy a mom in your life a gift and are struggling, I thought I would interject my two cents on what would be a great gift this year . . .

Without further ado . . . Here are five gift ideas for all the moms in your life (or, just for me):

  1. An ice cream maker – Summer. It’s ice cream time! The ice cream makers of yesterday that required gallons of ice and rock salt to work are over. Get an automatic one, and mom will thank you. And while you are at it, order David Lebovitz’s book, Perfect Scoop, to give her some recipe ideas.
  2. Pearls. A nice strand that sits at the nape of the neck is a classic and beautiful thing . . .
  3. A large tote bag like this or this, for the beach. Preferably with some extra thick and cozy beach towels to match . . .
  4. A pink ultra-portable laptop like the Dell Inspiron or the Asus Eee (only about 2 lbs!).
  5. A day out in the city . . . something like a good New York bagel and lox on the go, a visit to the Met or maybe a museum I am less familiar with like the Guggenheim or Whitney, lunch at ‘ino, some shopping downtown, a visit to the Union Square Greenmarket, back uptown for an early dinner at the Carnegie Deli, and then a show . . . maybe Mamma Mia or Wicked.

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  1. casey says:

    Hey, these are really great ideas. I’m a father to a 3 year old and his mom is wonderful. I miss the days back when she was holding him in the womb. Good days! Excellent post and nice blog.

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