Top Chef Chicago: Week Ten Reflections

**Spoiler Alert**

If you didn’t watch the show, back away from the computer quickly. Come back when you have.


Just when I decided that maybe Andrew wasn’t that bad . . . just when I decided that maybe I could tolerate him, this happens. The guy did bring a healthy dose of comic relief to the show with his great one-liners. And the how-many-cuss-words-can-I-say-in-one-episode died away too . . . But alas, his bizarre interpretation of sushi got him sent home. Should have used used brown rice inside . . .

The heavy tension with the contestants and the judges at judges table was almost uncomfortable to watch. Even Shawn said, “I can’t believe they (the contestants) are talking to them (the judges) like that.” It seemed like Andrew, Spike and Lisa were incredibly hostile. Now granted, that could have been just how the scene was cut . . .

But it wasn’t just how the scene was cut when Lisa accused her fellow contestants of sabotage (because apparently, she’s infallible-silly me for not realizing). Or how about when she tossed Andrew in front of the giant, speeding bus? I know it’s a competition but that was incredibly unnecessary. The judges are smart enough to figure out — without her prodding — that Andrew didn’t include grains. Where’s the integrity?

Now, speaking of integrity, I almost choked on my chocolate pudding when Spike won the Quick Fire. Then, when he planned his menu around making life difficult for the other contestants, it was just pathetic. No wonder he was in the bottom three, that is just not how you cook. And he really didn’t “cook” with the ingredients he chose anyway.

Richard had a surprisingly bad night . . . but I guess the kitchen prodigy can’t win them all, right. (Hey, what was with the headband he was wearing during the confessional?)

I am thinking Dale (yay! he won!), Richard, and Antonia for the final three. And if I could guess, Lisa will go home next week.


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    Unless either of them have a total breakdown, I agree that Dale, Richard, and Antonia will most likely be the final 3

    Again, Stephanie was an early favorite of mine, but I’m not sure where she’ll be. I do give her props for the wedding cake last week. I want to say she will outlast Spike and Lisa, but the way she’s been performing lately, those 3 will probably be going home in any order over the next few weeks.

    And yeah, I don’t know what Richard was thinking about the headband

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    Hi, I’m new here :) I find Andrew and Spike annoying. Richard seems like the fav to win and he’s certainly good enough. I do like Stephanie. I’m not sure yet how I feel about Dale, I go back and forth w/him. Next week’s episode should be pretty interesting!

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    I think you’re right about the final 3. I didn’t expect Andrew to be in the finals, but I was hoping he’d make it through this week because I am ready for Lisa to go. She seems to have such a hostile, confrontational attitude. I’m looking forward to this week’s episode.

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