The Next Food Network Star: Episodes 1 & 2

Well, I caught both episodes — or most of them — on Sunday.

I’m going to keep this one very brief, only because I am short on time . . .

It was no surprise that Cory went home during week 1. I think she had a great opportunity to blend her comedy and cooking but missed the boat. If you read the interview she did for The Well Fed Network, it’s really not that surprising. I would think someone with her media experience, she could come up with a few more words. Or did she respond like that because she was the first to go?

Likewise, it’s wasn’t a big surprise when Kevin went during week two. He has good intentions, but wasn’t honing his hook well. Sorry, buddy, there is nothing sexy about a smear of melted mozz on a crostini with figs . . . chocolate, strawberries, champagne, oysters . . . those are sexy. A well-dressed salad can be sexy too.

I love that Shane is so young. He needs to work a bit on his presentation though.

Kelsey has a lot of energy . . . not sure yet whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Cooking in heels? I just don’t find that interesting. But Lisa does have good stage presence . . . she should lose the doo-rag though.

And Nipa’s “I can’t do this anymore.” Um, drama? She has a great idea for a show . . . but the drama was a little bit of a turnoff. I would hate for Food Network to keep her in the game just because of her idea . . . A show about Indian cuisine would be awesome. She doesn’t have to be the one to deliver it though.



  1. Gyanesh says

    I agree, Nipa is just pathetic and full of herself. I doubt she even knowns Indian cooking. Please kick her out of the show before the show gets more irritating.

  2. says

    I agree as well, Nipa is pathetic. What a drama-queen. If I were given such an honor to be on the show, I would be soaking up everything the judges could throw at me.

    Lisa completely won me over this week for some reason. I’d like to see her last through the season.

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