Live Blogging The Top Chef Chicago Finale

Here we go, folks. I decided that in honor of the final episode, I would try something I have never done before: live blogging . . . Warning, if you haven’t seen the episode, this will be a spoiler.

Richard is so right about Lisa having a bad attitude, but it is really refreshing to hear Lisa ADMIT that she’s in the finale “by the skin of my teeth.” Still, it’s disturbing that she thinks she’ll beat everyone else . . . as if.

This is a very cool challenge . . . love the idea of these fantastic chefs being the finalists’ sous chefs.

I would have taken Chef Barber like Richard, no doubt. He had the proteins I would be most comfortable with . . . Well, maybe not. Foie gras freaks me out a little. Honest. Can’t say why.

Liquid nitrogen?!? Richard really does use some unusual techniques.

Stephanie hovering over her chef . . . I would have done the same thing.

Here comes the curve ball — no sous chefs after all.

Yes, Lisa, it is completely on you if you can make that meal. My bet is . . . no. What a boring menu.

Richard has me on that Banana Scallop with Bacon Ice Cream. YUM. But Stephanie’s menu sounds the tastiest. That’s interesting that she has only tested the ricotta pound cake once before. I would think she would have tried it more than that to bring it to the finale.

Richard really seems hyper. Or nervous. Or something like that.

That exchange between Stephanie and Lisa made me uncomfortable. How about you? Hearing Lisa tell Stephanie to have some confidence just didn’t sit well with me.

Wondering about those menus? Here they are:

Lisa – grilled pawns, tom kha gai soup and dumplings, wagyu beef, thai rice pudding

Rich – scallops, guinea hen, foie gras and eggs, pork belly, banana “scallop” and bacon ice cream

Stephanie – seared red snapper, quail with lobster ravioli and quail egg, lamb medallions, ricotta poundcake

It’s the “simple, clean flavors” of Stephanie’s menu that appealed to me . . . But that teacup dish is a little funny looking. Believe it or not, Lisa’s prawns look delish . . . course, that means nothing for the taste.

Richard isn’t off to a good start, it seems. Geez, what was with his face when he was plating? That’s like the push sneer . . .

OMG – They are praising Lisa’s soup . . . and Richard seems to have missed a bit again.

Stephanie is 2/3, Lisa 1/3, Richard 0/3 . . . seeing a problem here. This is so not how we expected this to go, right?!?

Dessert is too close to call. Looks like she should have tested the recipe more than once.

Off to the judges table.

Lisa: “Clearly I am a spicy kind of person.” Complete with air quotes. ‘Nuff said.

Richard and Stephanie have both had looks of shock . . . scary. It was only during the third course that it felt like typical Lisa.

Richard: “I think I choked a little bit.” He looks like he’s already lost . . . total meltdown. Where’s my favorite chef all season gone to?

Oh my. Is Lisa going to win? Is Lisa going to be Top Chef? I might never watch Top Chef again if she does . . .

Y’all ready for this? Here comes the winner . . . I hate suspense.

STEPHANIE! Yay! The first female winner of Top Chef . . . Wonder what Richard is thinking? “I’m glad it’s not Lisa,” perhaps.

This was Richard’s game to lose. But Stephanie was a constant high point during the episodes.


  1. says

    Oh no!! next time give me a heads up you’re live blogging, I would have totally logged on!!

    Anywho, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I’m so happy. I was soooooooooo worried the whole time that Lisa was going to win, but in the end, I’m sure they edited everything to make it look like that =)


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