Top Chef Chicago: The Last Word

Last night, I live blogged the finale of Top Chef Chicago. I know, I know — should have told you all that I was going to do that! But, it was sort of on a whim.

Once thing I did find with live blogging was that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to insert opinion and reflection. No matter, I am here to give you my final thoughts now.

Lisa. For all her attitude, rudeness, and disrespect, she did come through tonight. The cutting of the show as undeniably positive towards her, showing that she does indeed have an iota of kitchen proficiency after all. It does make you wonder if we were duped into thinking otherwise all season.

Richard. He brought his A-game throughout the season. But, in all fairness, he’s seemed almost preoccupied over the last two weeks. My guess? The last two episodes were taped more recently –close to when his wife was due to give birth. Having a baby can really take over your mind, so he may indeed have had other things on his mind — like worrying he’d miss the birth while competing. And that humanistic element just made me like him even more . . . I hope someday to eat in one of his restaurants, or perhaps even learn an unusual technique or two from him.

Stephanie. Alright. I will admit it. I was in denial all season about how good she was. She knows front of house, back of house, the whole shebang. And despite faltering in confidence here and there, I think she does have a silent strength that makes her one of those women you want to know — because her drive is just that strong. Go Stephanie, and congrats on the win.

Well, everyone, it’s been a great Top Chef season. I’ve loved all the conversations and debates that have sprung up in the comments and really hope you will all keep reading now that the show is over. I will be blogging about The Next Food Network Star on Sundays/Mondays for the foreseeable future, as well as food, life and family. Thank you all so much for reading these past few months!


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    I’m disappointed that Richard tanked, but I do agree with your guess as to way.

    Though I lost some confidence in her midseason, Stephanie proved to me why she was an early season favorite of mine.

    Lisa… I’m just glad she didn’t win… I think I’ve told you how much I don’t like her, though based on the judges comments, I was thinking “uh oh,she might actually have a chance…”


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