Sauteed Spring Onions

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Sauteed Spring Onions

Mmmm. The first fresh vegetables of late spring. These spring onions popped up at the farmer’s market a little over a week ago. They just looked so delicious (should have taken a pic!). Rather than try to use all in salads, salsas and other condiments, I decided to try something different: cooking them so that they’re the star of their own dish. I kid not.

I got the idea after reading a post about leftover spring onions at In My Kitchen Garden. She had a lot to use up and was looking for inspiration. I figured why not try cooking them up . . . It worked and I went back to share this in her comments. But I wanted to share it here too . . . enjoy.

So what are spring onions? They are scallions (or green onions, same thing) that have begun to grow a bulbous end . . .

YUM. These were a hit on Father’s Day — just not with Shawn. Of course.

Sauteed Spring Onions
serves 1 (easily manipulated for more)

Slice one spring onion no larger than 1/4 inch. Combine in a skillet with two pinches of sugar, 3 tbsp water, and a sprinkling of salt. Cover and cook until liquid evaporates and then carefully pour in a gulg of white wine. Cover, stirring once or twice, until wine evaporates (it will brown a bit on the bottom of the pan). transfer to a plate (saving as much of the browned glaze as you can) and eat.

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